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Antelope are one of the fastest mount!

Veloren is all about exploration and travel. There is no teleportation in Veloren and there will never be. However that doesn't mean the game doesn't offer any method to speed up your trip. Dear adventurer, this guide will cover everything about travelling. Ready? Giddy up!


Example image of the map

Access the map by pressing M (default key). You'll see icons representing dungeons, towns, caves and other points of interest along with brown lines denoting roads. The difficulty level of a dungeon is represented by the number of dots that appear above the icon.

Your current location is initially at the center of the screen, displayed as a black arrow icon. The map can be shifted around by clicking and dragging. The mouse wheel zooms in and out. There is also a minimap seen in regular play at the top right corner.


Campfires are interspersed across the world, marked by tall pillars of smoke. Approaching a campfire will show the message ‘Waypoint Saved’. When you die, you will respawn at the last campfire that saved your waypoint. Your waypoint persists through logins, so you can start each session approximately where you left off.

Sitting near a campfire with the E or K key will heal you over time. If you ever need respite from your travels, campfires are what you should look for!

Climbing and Swimming

In general combat there is two skills that improve your swimming and climbing ability. Another way to climb a mountain easily is to use a cloth armour (increases energy) and repeatedly using the hammer leap.

The swimming skill is broken since it doesn't improve the swimming speed that much. A temporary solution, until few adjustments are made with the use of boats is to reduce the FPS setting.


Getting a hang on gliders may cost you a few broken bones, but once you get a feel for it you may find yourself looking for any excuse to explore a high place.


Pressing the Ctrl key will equip the glider. You can run around with it equipped, but you won’t be able to roll or draw your weapon at the same time.

You're going to need a steep slope or a cliff with enough vertical margin that you have time to redirect your fall into a glide. If you need to jump for some extra initial elevation it is recommended that you deploy the glider mid-jump, or else it will push against you on the way up. Another trick is to roll-jump for an extra initial boost.


Once airborn, you probably want to let go of any movement keys, as you'll mainly control the glider by looking in the direction you want to orient it towards. The controls used for movement on the ground are used for quickly adjusting pitch and direction while gliding.

Gliding in Veloren uses a simulated model of aerodynamics; the only acceleration you get is from falling due to gravity, and your only control mechanism is angling the glider against the wind in a way such that the produced lift and drag pushes you in the desired direction. These forces scale with the square of airflow velocity relative to you, so gaining and maintaining speed is important.

Angle of attack

The angle of attack is your pitch relative to the direction of air flow. It's zero when the glider is perfectly aligned with the wind, positive when pitched up and negative when pitched down. By default (when there is no control input) the glider is slightly pitched up relative to the direction you're looking to make you glide most efficiently (in terms of distance) while looking straight into the wind.

You get the best performance out of small angles of attack, so pitch and swoop with smooth, minute movements. Pitching too much will cause you to stall; an effect which causes the lift produced to drop sharply, putting you at risk of losing too much speed due to drag with little ability to regain control.


  • A controlled stall can be used to great effect for braking, but if you overdo it you may find yourself gliding backwards (or not at all).
  • Look out for cliffs or steep inclines and pitch down to swoop into a glide.
  • Lift scales linearly with angle of attack (for small angles), but the ("induced") drag scales exponentially. Balancing lift and drag is key to controlling your velocity, elevation and ultimately gliding distance.


In the course of playing the game, you'll be able to craft Collars, which let you tame creatures.

Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Veloren Collar.png Collar 5x Veloren Leather Strips.png Leather Strips
1x Veloren Ruby.png Ruby


The current maximum number of creatures you can have tamed at once is three. You can only tame non-hostile creatures. Choose carefully!

Tamed creatures become pets, and will follow you around, attacking anything that attacks you. They can be healed with a healing sceptre, by sitting near a campfire or giving them food (through the trade dialog).

You can also ride most of your pets by mounting them with the F key. How fast they will travel depends of the type of creature, and you can also attack with your weapon & some of its skills while mounted.

Due to pathfinding issues, pets may have difficulty keeping up with you when you go off gliding or delve into dungeons. In the event that they get stuck following you, they will teleport to your side if you move far away from them. Currently only Quadruped animals and medium-sized Birds can be tamed pending further work on the pets feature (allowing larger animals to be tamed will require balance issues to be addressed).


Not all tameable creatures can be mounted. See is_tameable vs is_mountable in the pet implementation for more details.

The following table lists the acceleration for each mountable pet. The approximate maximum speed is directly proportional to this acceleration stat (see max_speed_approx).

Other stats can be found on the NPCs page.

Name Acceleration
Alpaca 110
Antelope 185
Bear 90
Boar 125
Camel 75
Cattle 80
Deer 150
Donkey 110
Elbst 85
Highland 80
Holladon 125
Horse 180
Kelpie 180
Llama 120
Moose 130
Mouflon 100
Salamander 85
Tortoise 60
Truffler 70
Tusk Ram 160
Yak 90
Zebra 150

Airship and Balloon


Starting from version 0.15, players can control an airship if there is no captain at the steering wheel. However, it still just wanders from towns to towns and there is no way to dock them without gliding. There are no balloons in the game yet.

To control the airship, approach the steering wheel, mount it with F, and then start it by pressing H.

The Airship can be found stopped in front of the peaks of the highest mountains, rarely you will find it in low areas stuck in some trees.

It is possible that it only flies around the periphery of the map and that at the end of its route it disappears after rising to a high altitude.


Boats are a work in progress along the fishing ability. They are just floating in water. In the future, they will play a larger role in Veloren's economy.

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