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A screenshot showing the crafting menu in-game
The crafting menu.

You can open the crafting menu with the c key.

You'll see a list of craftable items, some of which may be greyed out, that means you have insufficient materials or tools to craft them. Items can be crafted with materials either gathered from the world or dropped by enemies. Food items can be crafted into even more effective foods, and some basic weapons and armor can also be crafted.

You can search for a specific recipe at the search bar in the top left corner of the crafting menu. You can also search for recipes that use a specific item by typing input: and then the name of the item into the search bar.

Crafting Stations

Crafting stations are found in Towns and Cities. In cliff towns and desert towns, Crafting stations are located inside of buildings.

The crafting stations in cliff, desert and temperate town

In order to craft items that require the use of a certain Crafting station, find a crafting station of the matching type and interact with it to bring up the crafting menu. Currently in the 0.15 version, there are 10 crafting stations available. You can click on them to see their related recipes :

Crafting Tools

For some Crafting recipes to work, special Tools are required to be in the players Inventory.

Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Craftsman Hammer 1x Wood Logs
3x Iron Ingot

Mortar and Pestle 1x Bowl
6x Stones

Crafting Bench
Craftsman Hammer

Sewing Set 1x Linen
1x Tin Ingot

Crafting Bench


Mining Tools

Pickaxes are used for Mining ores and gems. After equipping and using them like a Weapon, players can pickup Ores and Gems with E

Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Stone Pickaxe 4x Twigs
5x Stones

Steel Pickaxe 1x Hardwood Logs
1x Lifecloth
3x Steel Ingot

Craftsman Hammer



Quality Levels

All Items have a Quality. Quality determines the rarity and usefulness of an item in Veloren. Currently, there are seven levels of quality in the game.

Level Description Metal Logs Textiles Hide
Low Thick grey corners. Early-game ingredients, tools and weapons. Bronze Wood Log Linen Animal Hide
Common Thin grey corners. Useful ingredients, food, tools, early-game weapons. Iron Bamboo Log Soft Wool Tough Hide
Moderate Green corners and background. Less common ingredients, high-tier food, mid-tier weapons, some better armor, rings and necklesses. Steel Hardwood Log Silk Scale
High Blue corners and background. Rare ingredients, gems, good weapons and armor, fancy-looking gliders. Cobalt Ironwood Log Lifecloth Hard Carapace
Epic Purple corners and background. High-tier ingredients, weapons and armor. Bloodsteel Frostwood Log Moonweave Plate
Legendary Golder corners and background. Late-game weapons and armor. Orichalcum Eldwood Log Sunsilk Dragonscale
Artifact Shown with an orange border around the item. Artifact do not exist in the game currently.
Debug Items only used by Admin for managing the server and its community.

Right now there are quite a few different types of items :


Clicking on links will guide you to the recipe book. You will know their location &and how to process them.

Raw Material : Collected in wilderness, caves, dungeons or by killing creatures
Processed Materials : Raw materials transformed in crafting stations
Consumables that heals during your journey :