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Swords are a weapon type in Veloren. The sword's abilities feature slashing and piercing damage. Slashing damage reduces the enemy's energy and does extra damage when the enemy is out of energy.

Sword skill tree


Icon Name Description
Veloren Sword Skill Triple Strike Icon.png Triple Strike A basic attack. You swing your sword in front of you, striking up to three times. Each strike has a 10% chance to inflict bleeding, the first two strikes are slashing while the third is piercing.
Veloren Sword Skill Dash Icon.png Dash A power attack. You dash forward with your sword, damaging any enemy in your way. This damage is piercing.
Veloren Sword Skill Spin Icon.png Sword Spin A special attack. You spin forward with your blade, damaging all enemies in range. This damage is slashing.

Source: abilities/sword/*

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