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Veloren worlds contain various kinds of sites for players to explore, some of which are more developed than others. The kinds of sites labelled on the map are described here.

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

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File:Dungeon entrance.png
The entrance to a dungeon.

Dungeons are marked on the map with a 'ruins' icon, along with a difficulty level. Dungeons with difficulties 0-3 are doable by a solo player; above that, you may want to find a group.

On entering the dungeon you’ll descend a long, spiral staircase that will eventually exit at the first dungeon level, deep below ground. Each level has a series of corridors and rooms containing hostile enemies and treasure chests. The most rare and powerful loot in the game can be obtained from dungeons!

Make sure you’re well stocked up on healing items before attempting your first dungeon. The only way out is up.

Cave mouth
The entrance to a cave.

Caves[edit | edit source]

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Caves are natural structures whose entrances are marked on the map. Several resources, such as gemstones, velorite, and mushrooms, can be found abundantly in caves. A pickaxe is required to mine gemstones and velorite. Dangerous enemies such as Cyclopes and Wendigos also inhabit caves.

Towns[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Towns

If using the default world, the player first spawns in a particular town near the center of the world. Many other towns exist in various parts of the world, marked by town icons on the map. As you wander around the world, you may meet RtSim NPCs who will tell you which town they're traveling to. In each town, you will find a handful of houses as well as a (relatively empty) stone tower. Houses may contain items and loot, and towns in general may be host to merchants whom you might be able to interest in a trade.

Giant Trees[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Giant Trees

Although giant trees are currently in the game and are generated at various locations across the world, they have yet to serve much of a non-aesthetic purpose. According to DevBlog #106, the hope is that they will eventually become sites containing villagers or small towns.

Castles[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Castles

Similar to giant trees, large, walled castles are currently in Veloren and are present in the world as sites for RtSim NPCs to travel to, but have yet to serve a proper purpose.

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