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The Glider is a utility item available to all players for use in long distance air travel. The glider is unpowered, meaning you will need to take off from a high point such as a mountaintop, building, or tall tree in order to cover more ground before you land.

There are currently several glider models in the game. Some of these gliders are obtained via crafting, some can be found throughout the world or dropped as loot. Despite the fact that they have varying Quality, differences between each of the gliders are solely cosmetic, allowing the player to choose whichever one suits their preference.

Name Quality Obtained via:
Cloverleaf Moderate Starting item
Leaves Glider Moderate Crafting
Plain Cloth Glider Moderate Crafting
Red Cloth Glider Moderate Crafting
Sand Raptor Wings High Crafting
Snow Raptor Wings High Crafting
Wood Raptor Wings High Crafting
Blue Falcon High Loot
Blue Morpho High Loot
Orange Monarch High Loot
Green Luna High Loot
Horizon Epic Loot
Moonlit Love Epic Loot
Aquatic Night Epic Loot
Skullgrin Legendary Loot
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