Craftsman Hammer

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Craftsman Hammer
Used to craft various items.
Quality Common
Rating 6.8
Power 0.2
Speed 1.5
Poise -75%
Range 0%
Energy 0%
Buff 0%
Technical Information
.vox File Unknown edit
.ron File Unknown edit
Item Path

"Used to craft various items."

Craftsman Hammer is one of the beginning craftable tools that allows for more advanced crafting. It is required in many important crafting recipes, such as Modular Crafting, but will never be consumed as part of crafting

Can also be used as weapon.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Craftsman Hammer 1x Wood Logs
3x Iron Ingot



Entity Amount Chance
Not obtainable as loot.
Data exported on 2024-04-12


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