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Bags are used to increase ones inventory capacity.

There are two types of bags:

  • Bags worn on the back
  • Bags used in bag slots

A player has 4 bag slots.

Without any inventory upgrades a player has 18 inventory slots.

Bags[edit | edit source]

Name Slot Capacity Quality
Cursed Soulkeeper (WIP) Bag 36 5 Legendary
Purified Soulkeeper (WIP) Bag 36 5 Legendary
Mindflayer Spellbag Bag 27 4 Epic
Sturdy Red Saddlebag Bag 18 3 High
Traveler's Backpack Back 18 3 High
Trollhide Pack Bag 18 3 High
Reliable Backpack Bag 16 3 High
Woven Red Bag Bag 15 2 Moderate
Heavy Seabag Bag 14 2 Moderate
Liana Kit Bag 12 2 Moderate
Knitted Red Pouch Bag 9 2 Moderate
Tiny Leather Pouch Bag 6 1 Common
Tiny Red Pouch Bag 3 1 Common