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Bags are used to increase ones inventory capacity.

There are two types of bags:

  • Bags worn on the back
  • Bags used in bag slots

A player has 4 bag slots. Bags will only increase your inventory capacity when equipped in a bag slot (or the back for backpacks).

If removing a bag leaves insufficient space for all of your items, excess items will be dropped on the ground.

Without any inventory upgrades a player has 18 inventory slots.



Name Capacity Slot Ingredients Quality
Tiny Leather Pouch 6 Bag 12x Leather Strips Common
Tiny Red Pouch 6 Bag 3x Red Linen Common
Knitted Red Pouch 10 Bag 2x Tiny Red Pouch
6x Soft Wool
Woven Red Bag 15 Bag 6x Silk
1x Knitted Red Pouch
Reliable Leather Pack 15 Bag 3x Thick Leather
1x Iron Ingot
2x Tiny Leather Pouch
Sturdy Red Saddlebag 20 Bag 2x Amethyst
3x Red Linen
6x Silk
1x Woven Red Bag
Trollhide Pack 20 Bag 6x Troll Hide
2x Rigid Leather
1x Diamond
Traveler's Backpack 20 Back 4x Rigid Leather
2x Diamond
1x Iron Ingot
2x Leather Strips
2x Tiny Leather Pouch
Mindflayer Spellbag 27 Bag 1x Glowing Remains
8x Rigid Leather
4x Diamond
10x Moonweave


Name Capacity Slot Obtained via Quality
Liana Kit 15 Bag Mighty Saurok
Occult Saurok
Sly Saurok
Saurok Bandit
Heavy Seabag 20 Bag Dagon Epic

Works in Progress

Those bags are not found in the game, nor the recipe_book.ron. They may be added later.

Name Capacity Slot Ingredients Quality
Cursed Soulkeeper 36 Bag Legendary
Purified Soulkeeper 36 Bag Legendary
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