Sturdy Red Saddlebag

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Veloren Sturdy Red Saddlebag.png
Sturdy Red Saddlebag
"A truly reliable and sizeable bag, embroidered with amethyst and thick leather."
Quality 3 High
Slot Bag
Capacity 18
Technical Information
.vox File sturdy_red_backpack.vox
.ron File sturdy_red_backpack.ron
Recipe [1]

Sturdy Red Saddlebag is the best of the red bags, providing 18 extra slots. It cannot be used as a material to craft better bags. To make this bag from scratch, you would start at the Tiny Red Pouch.
The total materials needed to make this bag would be:

Some merchants have been seen to sell red bags as big as the Knitted Red Pouch, which could save you some raw materials, but this is not an entirely reliable way to obtain red bags.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Veloren Sturdy Red Saddlebag.png Sturdy Red Saddlebag 2x Veloren Amethyst.png Amethyst, 3x Veloren Red Linen.png Red Linen, 6x Veloren Thick Leather.png Thick Leather, 1x Veloren Woven Red Bag.png Woven Red Bag

Veloren Sewing Set.png Sewing Set