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Occult Saurok

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Occult Saurok
Type Tribe
Location(s) jungle | saurok altar | saurok totem | jungle temple
Hostile Yes
Technical Info
Config common.entity.wild.aggressive.occult_saurok

A bipedal reptile with a colored ridge running down its back from head to tail. They can be distinguished from Sly Sauroks by their two horns and eye rings.

Their weapon of choice is a Fire staff.

Color variations:

  • Pink skin with violet ridge
  • Purple skin with dark purple ridge


Found in groups of other Sauroks at their Altars, Totems, and Temples. You may also find individuals foraging in the Jungle.


Item Quantity Rarity
Wild Ingredients
1 - 2 8.74%
1 8.74%
2 - 4 8.74%
1 8.74%
Prepared Food
1 6.44%
1 5.52%
1 5.06%
1 4.60%
1 4.60%
1 4.60%
1 2.30%
1 1.84%
1 10.75%
1 8.06%
1 8.06%
1 1.61%
1 0.81%
1 0.81%
Data exported on 2024-06-10



Name Description
Fireball An explosive projectile launched at the target.
Flamethrower A front-facing stream of fire that spreads over distance.


Roll or keep away from the fireballs to avoid their explosive damage.

By keeping an eye on their energy level, you'll know when their flamethrower attack will end.

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