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Hammers are a weapon type in Veloren. The hammer's abilities have bash type damage. Health damage from a bash type attack that is mitigated by armor gets converted to poise damage. If a stunned enemy is hit with a bash type attack, then a portion of the poise damage is converted to health damage with the conversion rate depending on the severity of the stun level.

Hammer skill tree


Icon Name Description
Veloren Hammer Skill Single Strike Icon.png Single Strike A basic attack. You swing your hammer in front of you.
Veloren Hammer Skill Charged Melee Icon.png Charged Melee A power attack. You charge your attack and then release it, causing damage and knocking back enemies in front of you. Damage, knock back and stamina cost are proportional to the charge time.
Veloren Hammer Skill Leap Strike Icon.png Leap Strike A special attack. You leap towards the target location and perform a down strike, damaging nearby enemies and knocking them back.

Source: abilities/hammer/*

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