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Help page

Start editing the wiki

Anyone can edit the contents of the wiki page. You just need to create an account. The Veloren wiki page can be edited using a simpler visual editor or a more complex source editor.

Your first edits

A beginner's guide on how to use VisualEditor, a user-friendly editor that allows you to edit the wiki without learning wikitext.

The basics of VisualEditor

Some more detailed tips on editing using the VisualEditor, including how to add links format bold and italic text.

Using source mode

Source mode allows for you to see all the wikitext on the page and edit it directly. If you need to make more complex changes, you should switch to the source editor.

Introduction to source mode

Editing using source mode, which allows you to directly see and change the wikitext.

Cheat Sheet for source mode

A short guide that lists the syntax needed to create font, styles, links, templates and headers in source mode.

Creating images

Everything you need to know about creating images within Veloren and a voxel editor.

Taking screenshots in-game

The types of images we need on the wiki, how to take them and how to upload.

Taking screenshots in MagicaVoxel

The types of images we need on the wiki, how to take them and how to upload.

Screenshot guidelines

A short guide on how to setup Veloren for taking screenshots and video for the wiki.

How to add transparency

How to cut out the background of images and other unnecessary parts of an image.

Advanced editing

Creating infoboxes

How to create infoboxes and which infobox template to use for a given article.

Adding categories

How to add categories to pages, templates and how to search through categories.

Getting items stats

This guide, in two parts, will provides an easier way to get all items stats needed for the wiki. Rather than searching each game files or playing it, we will run few commands that will create the full list. It will gives you also the ability to create your own builder and having up to date stats.

Exporting stats via Cargo

The basic for exporting game stats and filling the wiki.

Cleaning up csv data

The basic for tidy up game's data and filling the wiki.


Accounts and user pages

The basics of managing your account, preferences, user page and signatures.


Images and media policy

How to upload images and the policies to follow when uploading images.

Style guides

Style guides are to make the wiki easy to read, write and edit by establishing a certain formats and maintaining consistency.

Note: A portion of the text above is originated from the RuneScape Wiki under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.
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