Help:Editing/Taking screenshots MagicaVoxel

Help page
  1. Open the file you want to render.
  2. Click Render in the top left.
  3. Set your Light settings to the ones shown.
  4. To set a transparency ground and background, look at the left menu "Display" :
    1. In Background section : set it to transparent
    2. All the way bottom, there are toggles where you can disable edge, ground, background...Disable them all except background.
  5. Set render window size to 256 x 256
  6. Set render quality to 512
  7. Rotate to a good angle. See image for reference.
  8. Zoom in to fill 90% of the frame.
  9. Wait for the render to look decent. (Will not take long)
  10. Click on the camera at the botton to save image.
  11. Name the file in title case : Veloren_Dwarven_Cheese.png
  12. Upload to wiki.
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