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Veloren Lantern Category.png

The Lantern is a utility item available to all players for use during night with G key.

There are currently several lantern models in the game. Other models than the starter one are found in loot. Despite the fact that they have varying Quality, differences between each of the lanterns are solely cosmetic. It won't improve your vision but it allows the player to choose whichever one suits their preference.

Lanterns[edit | edit source]

Name Obtained Via Item Description Quality
Veloren Black Lantern.png Black Lantern Starting gear Used by city guards. 1 Common

Veloren Cool Blue Lantern.png Cool Blue Lantern Dullahan This lantern is surprisingly cold when lit. 3 High

Veloren Eerie Pumpkin.png Eerie Pumpkin Harvester Did it just blink?! 3 High

Veloren Polaris.png Polaris Yeti (seasonal) Christmas lantern. 3 High

Veloren Purple Geode.png Purple Geode Ogre Emits a calming glow. 3 High

Veloren Magic Lantern.png Magic Lantern Mindflayer Illuminates even the darkest dungeon. A great monster was slain for this item. 4 Epic

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