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Veloren Harvester.png
Type: Mini-boss
Location(s): Gnarling fortresse
Hostile: Yes
Technical Information

Harvester is a hidden T1 mini-boss characterized by a pumpkin and a straw hat.


Harvester spawns in the deepest part of the maze-like Hollow Stump at the center of the Gnarling Fortress.


Harvester Attacks
Ensnaring Vines Summons vines on the floor around itself which ensnares and slows the player when stepped on.
Exploding Pumpkins Throws fiery exploding pumpkins at the player.
Fire Breath Expels searing fire out of its Jack-O-Lantern head.
Scythe Strike Sweeps its scythe as though harvesting wheat on the fields to deal a high burst of damage.


kill him


Item Quantity Rarity
Veloren Scratched Necklace.png Scratched Necklace 1 20%
Veloren Eerie Pumpkin.png Eerie Pumpkin 1 13.33%
Veloren Druid Cape.png Druid Cape 1 1.59%
Veloren Druid Sash.png Druid Sash 1 1.59%
Veloren Druid Chestguard.png Druid Chestguard 1 1.59%
Veloren Druid Kickers.png Druid Kickers 1 1.59%
Veloren Druid Handwraps.png Druid Handwraps 1 1.59%
Veloren Druid Leggings.png Druid Leggings 1 1.59%
Veloren Druid Shoulderpads.png Druid Shoulderpads 1 1.59%
Veloren Carapace Cape.png Carapace Cape 1 1.59%
Veloren Carapace Belt.png Carapace Belt 1 1.59%
Veloren Carapace Cuirass.png Carapace Cuirass 1 1.59%
Veloren Carapace Treads.png Carapace Treads 1 1.59%
Veloren Carapace Grips.png Carapace Grips 1 1.59%
Veloren Carapace Leggings.png Carapace Leggings 1 1.59%
Veloren Carapace Shoulderpads.png Carapace Shoulderpads 1 1.59%
Veloren Cobalt Cape.png Cobalt Cape 1 1.59%
Veloren Cobalt Girdle.png Cobalt Girdle 1 1.59%
Veloren Cobalt Chestpiece.png Cobalt Chestpiece 1 1.59%
Veloren Cobalt Footguards.png Cobalt Footguards 1 1.59%
Veloren Cobalt Gauntlets.png Cobalt Gauntlets 1 1.59%
Veloren Cobalt Leggings.png Cobalt Leggings 1 1.59%
Veloren Cobalt Shoulderguards.png Cobalt Shoulderguards 1 1.59%


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