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Veloren Wiki:Tasks

From Veloren Wiki
Note: The wiki is currently at a stage where a lot of back end changes can not be made which has stopped progression of the wiki in terms of easier content creation. A lot of extensions want to be added to help users add content to the wiki, This includes: Data Transfer and Translate

This page lists various tasks that need doing on Veloren Wiki. This list shows which tasks may be completed if you are unsure what to do next.

Note: Some parts of this page may be out of date. For clarification, please discuss on the #wiki Discord

  • Giant Trees: Add description, images, mob/item lists, etc. ... 🞐 Todo
  • Updating reworked skill trees
    • Hammers
      • statistics numbers... 🞐 Todo
    • Axes... ⏳ pending...
      • demonstration gifs.. 🞐 Todo
  • Durability
    • Section with link to page in Getting Started, under Weapons and Combat - requires attention to translation... 🞐 Todo
    • Figure out / record how repair costs scale with durability and item tier... 🞐 Todo
    • Design and create table/detail on repair costs... 🞐 Todo
    • Design and create table/detail on stats loss... 🞐 Todo
  • Containers
    • Write descriptions... 🞐 Todo
    • Use infobox and source table templates on Dungeons page... ⏳ pending...
  • Drops tables for entities
    • Automatic export for modular weapons and components... ⏳ pending..
  • Source tables for items... ⏳ pending...
    • Roll out to all items... ⏳ pending...
      • Individual armor pieces seem to be the last ones to do
  • Update Biomes
    • Differentiate desert and savannah... 🞐 Todo
    • Find out how to reconcile biome names (e.g. Forest and Grassland in-game)... 🞐 Todo
    • Consider designing page for different biome regions... 🞐 Todo
    • Update entity infoboxes... 🞐 Todo (maybe reduce information density)
  • Update Taming
    • Refresh textual information... 🞐 Todo
  • Set up programmatic config stats... 🞐 Todo
    • Weapons, NPCs, Items... 🞐 Todo
  • Set up programmatic recipes... 🞐 Todo

Hot Tasks

These are tasks or issues that more urgently need content, editing, or more user contributions.

Uncategorized Pages and Uncategorized Templates

The wiki currently has a lot of uncategorized pages which right now isn't much of a problem but when the wiki has more traffic categories will be really helpful to keep everything organized.

Content Creation

Content creation is at a stand still currently as we will soon be adding automation of item and NPC page information. You are still welcome to add information to these pages but be aware that this can be done automatically. Free text can not be automated however so feel free to add that instead.

Maintenance Tasks

For Staff Members

The following tasks can only be carried out by staff members such as Editors or Administrators.

For Users

The following tasks can be carried out by all users.

Add Missing Pages

Missing pages have been linked from other pages but have not yet been created; showing up as a red link. These pages should either be created, or the original links changed to a more relevant page that already exists

Add Information to Article Listed as Stubs

Stubs are pages which need additional content before being considered full articles. After content has been added, start a discussion on the page's talk page before removing the {{Stub}} from the article.

Add Stub Label to Short Pages

Articles do not get marked as a stub on their own. Take a look through the short pages and see if they need more information added to them. If so add a {{Stub}} at the top of the page.

Task Requests

If there are any general tasks that need doing - but which you either don't have the time, skill, or user-rights to perform them - then please list your request under this section and sign it with your name and date.

Note: A portion of the text above is originated from the Star Citizen Wiki under CC BY-SA 4.0
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