Generating a Custom World

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By default, Veloren comes with a default world that has been generated for you, so you can get right in and experience the game. Due to the complexity in terrain generation, it takes around 10-30 minutes to generate a new world from scratch.

Generating a Custom World[edit | edit source]

1. Open your singleplayer or server's settings file. See [here]( 2. Set your custom world_seed, and map_file to "Some(Save)". 3. Launch your game as normal, whether you're doing it through singleplayer or the server cli. 4. The generation process can take a significant length of time, with little indication that it's running properly. 10 minutes on a good CPU is expected, for standard-sized worlds. Eventually, it will load into the new world. 5. The world will be saved in a maps folder, as a binary file. Set map_file to Some(Load("maps/<filename>.bin")),, else it will try to regenerate it each time.

Map Options[edit | edit source]

Value Description
None Loads the default world map, located in the `assets/world/map` folder.
Some(Generate) Generates a new world, using `world_seed`, and starts the server using it. **Does not save the resulting world file.**
Some(Save) Same as with `Generate`, but will save the world as a binary file in a `maps` directory.
Some(Load("maps/example.bin")) Loads a map from file

Advanced Methods[edit | edit source]

  • If you are able to compile the game, you can generate maps with custom sizes and terrain scales, through the same steps as above.
  • To change map size, edit the `x` and `y` values Here. Each increment will **double** map scale. Be warned that worldgen times similarly increase, and that actually loading larger worlds can be quite RAM-heavy.
  • To change terrain scale, edit Here. `4.0` is based on earth-like values, and gives a much grander scale to terrain than the default.

Map Viewer[edit | edit source]

If you are able to compile, you can also try an example map generator and viewer application. Run the following command from your local repository, depending on preferred terminal.

Unix-like: RUST_LOG="info,veloren_world=debug" cargo run --release --example water

Windows, cmd: set RUST_LOG=info,veloren_world=debug&& cargo run --release --example water

Windows, PowerShell: $env:RUST_LOG="info,veloren_world=debug"; cargo run --release --example water

  • By default it will load the default world from the `assets` folder. Input a custom seed Here, and change two lines below if you want to generate or load a different world.
  • This method **will** indicate progress through world generation, progressing from `Erosion iteration 0` through to `99`, and so is recommended for larger worlds.
  • Once the map loads, the default view shows temperature and humidity overlays. Press T and H to disable them, respectively, and M to enable real map colours. F4 will take a screenshot.
  • The map viewer is somewhat unresponsive, so you may need to hold keys for a moment for them to take effect.

Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

If the default map loads despite changes you have made, double check you haven't mistyped any of the settings. In particular, you must not remove the trailing commas from the `.ron` files.

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