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Veloren Wiki:Babel

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Babel is a community tool for wiki editors. It is only used in your user page and indicate your language skill. We hope it will improve communication between us. With this you can search a wiki editor and ask him for translation help, wording choice.

How to use it

Go to your user page and insert this template : {{#babel: xx-1 | xx-2 | ... }} Add one of the following codes for each language you speak or understand, separated by |, where :

  • xx is the MediaWiki language code, ISO 639-1 code, or ISO 639-3 code for the language.
  • 1,2...,5 or N your skill level

And one last step, put all the new language categories created by Babel in this one :

eg : I'm japanese and my english is good. I know few spanish words.
{{#babel: jp-N | en-3 | es-1 |}}
where jp = japanese, en = english, es = spanish
and the skill level is as follows:

  • xx-0 If you don't understand the language at all.
  • xx-1 Basic ability—enough to understand written material or simple questions in this language.
  • xx-2 Intermediate ability—enough for editing or discussions.
  • xx-3 Advanced level—though you can write in this language with no problem, some small errors might occur.
  • xx-4 "Near-native" level—although it's not your first language from birth, your ability is something like that of a native speaker.
  • xx-5 Professional proficiency.
  • xx or xx-N Native speakers who use a language every day and have a thorough grasp of it, including colloquialisms and idioms.

Users by language

Here is the list of users by language :

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