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Mining Basics

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Fresh Spawn (How Do I Start Mining?) -

Spawning into the game, you're not too far out from delving in your first cave, you will always be just around the corner from one. However is it imperative that we have the right kind of gear before we head in:

First things first, we need to get your hands on the most important tool for mining, your pickaxe. For a starter a stone pickaxe will do just fine, beggars can't be choosers especially when you're this early in the game, we will worry about the upgrades later. For now roam around your starting town and collect some woods, stone, and kill some little critters that may inhabit the nearby forest for some leather.

Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Stone Pickaxe 4x Twigs
5x Stones


You may craft your first tool! it isn't going to be pretty but mining is a dirty job.

Luggage Recommendations

Now that you have made your pick, we are one step closer to delving into the darken abyss to collect some minerals for the sake of progression. But let's check out our bags to ensure we have the necessary tools to make this as smooth as possible. Now these aren't a must but I would highly recommend you bring:

  • Some healing potions
  • Various amounts of food

It's also important to note that finding a campfire nearby wouldn't go amiss. Having a close spawn near the cave entrance makes the inevitable death a little easier to swallow when your one foot away from giving that cave another try.

Stepping Into Cave For The First Time

Now that we have some healings items, a close spawn point just in case, and our trusty stone pickaxe in hand we can actually begin our voyage into the cave systems. Starting out I would recommend you take your first couple journeys slow and methodical. There's a lot of things to bare in mind when it comes to collecting resources so playing it slow; your first couple runs gives you time to get used to the various amount of minerals and threats at our wake.

Minerals + Gems To Expect

Let's start with the good news, the whole appeal of the cave systems, the minerals they bring.

Every cave is going to have a different layout with thriving biomes that connect with each other haphazardly, jungle biomes may mesh with a snow biome, which then may mesh into a cliff/forest biome, yada yada yada. The point is, though these biomes may seem vastly different to each other, in most cases the spawning of the minerals is not biased.

Every cave is going to have the following ores:

Low level ores can be purchased from merchants or mined on surface with a Stone Pickaxe. Starting from Iron ore, ores can only be found in Caves. They are refined into Ingots in the Forge.

Velorite Fragments are used for Repairing most damaged equipment, as well as in several recipes. Whole Velorite is used to repair high end gear, or can be broken up into fragments.

Name Crafted into Obtained Via Item Description Quality
Copper Ore Bronze Ingot Caves, Mountains A brown metal. Key part of bronze. Low
Tin Ore Bronze Ingot Caves, Mountains A silvery metal. One of the components of bronze. Low
Iron Ore Iron Ingot, Steel Ingot Caves An incredibly common but incredibly versatile metal. Common
Coal Steel Ingot, Bloodstone Ingot Caves A dark, combustible energy source. Moderate
Velorite Fragment Pyrocore and Biocore, Medium Potion, Druid Armor, Bags Caves, Crafting, Cave Troll, Swamp Troll, Wendigo Small runes sparkle on its surface. Moderate
Velorite Velorite Fragment Caves, Kill drop A bizarre, oddly shimmering ore, its origin seems to be shrouded in mystery. High
Cobalt Ore Cobalt Ingot Caves A blue, shiny ore. High
Bloodstone Ore Bloodstone Ingot Caves: Lava Biomes A deep red ore. Epic
Silver Ore Silver Ingot Caves A precious shiny greyish-white metal. Epic
Gold Ore Gold Ingot Caves: Lava Biomes A precious yellow metal. Epic

As well as every gems :

Gems can be purchased from merchants or mined in Caves with a Stone Pickaxe. They are mostly refined into Necklaces and Rings.

Name Crafted into Obtained Via Item Description Quality
Amethyst Necklaces, Silken Armor, Bags Caves, Cave Troll, Swamp Troll, Wendigo A precious purple gem. Common
Topaz Necklaces, Rings, Gliders Caves, Cave Troll, Swamp Troll, Wendigo An outstanding orange gem. Common
Sapphire Necklaces, Rings, Cobalt Armor, Orichalcum Armor, Gliders Caves, Cave Troll, Swamp Troll, Wendigo A colorful cobalt gem. High
Emerald Necklaces, Rings, Gliders Caves, Cave Troll, Swamp Troll, Wendigo A vibrant viridian gem. High
Ruby Necklaces, Rings, Bloodsteel Armor, Gliders Caves, Cave Troll, Swamp Troll, Wendigo A superbly scarlet gem. High
Diamond Necklaces, Rings, Bloodsteel Armor, Orichalcum Armor, Bags, Gliders Caves, Cave Troll, Swamp Troll, Wendigo A sparkling silver gem. Epic

Each of these ores and gems have different appearances that may help you if you plan to look for one specific ore, as well as some ores spawning more frequently in certain areas of the cave (An example being that tin and copper spawn more often in the beginning sections of the cave and bloodsteel spawns far more often in the lava section of the caves)

An easy way to grasp what gem or ore you are dealing with is to grab your trusty pick, unholster it, and aim your crosshair at the gem in question, all ore has the similar texture, a small rock that has various colorization specks forming on it, the colors differing.

Example (Copper):

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