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Sceptres are a weapon type in Veloren. While they can do some damage, they're best used for healing and protection.

To do :[edit | edit source]

  • Description is needed
  • Screenshot with following the guide.**For skill tree image, name them : Veloren Swords Skill Tree.png, Veloren Bow Skill Tree.png
    • For the skill icon, name them : Veloren Sword Dash Icon.png

How To take lovely screenshot : guide

Use the single player.. Find a nice place. You can set the time/light with this command : /time: 10:00 I you want to take screenshot of the ability inuse, use the 🖱️ M3 mouse wheel and L for free look so you can see yourself. Then lauch the skill and press F4 .

Rename it in title case : Veloren Sword Triple Strike.png, Veloren Sword Dash.png

NB : Don't take pic with your phone, search how to take it from your computer ;)

Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Veloren Sceptre Skill Lifesteal Beam Icon.png Lifesteal Beam A basic attack. You shoot a beam at a target, draining the life from your enemies, and healing for a portion of the damage dealt.
Veloren Sceptre Skill Healing Aura Icon.png Healing Aura A power attack. Area of effect. Heal yourself and allies in range, requires combo to activate.
Veloren Sceptre Skill Warding Aura Icon.png Warding Aura A special attack. Area of effect. Protect yourself and allies in range with a ward against enemy attacks.

Source: abilities/sceptre/*

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