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Hosting a Server

From Veloren Wiki

This section will describe how to setup a Veloren server. For how to set up a server on a Raspberry Pi, read Hosting on the Raspberry Pi.

Setup local game server

If you want to play with your friends and do not have a dedicated server follow these instructions.

Note: You will need access to the router and knowledge about port forwarding.

  1. Setup
    1. Port forward 14004 on your router.
    2. Launch game server veloren-server-cli.exe
    3. Check Airshipper section to find out where the files are or download Nightly from the website.
    4. Give out your IP
    5. Optionally disable authentication by replacing auth_server_address: Some(...) with auth_server_address: None
    6. Enjoy the game!

Setup dedicated game server

If you want to run a dedicated Veloren server 24/7 follow this.

Note: You will need access to the server, docker, docker-compose installed and we assume general command line and docker-compose knowledge.

  1. Setup
    1. Create folder /opt/veloren-server (feel free to name it differently).
    2. Copy docker-compose.yml from the repository into the folder.
    3. If needed open port 14004 (14005 for metrics) in your firewall.
    4. Start it
    5. Run docker-compose up -d as root.
    6. View logs with sudo docker logs veloren-game-server-master.
    7. You are done!

Note: This will automatically keep the game server updated to the latest nightly release.

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