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There are only two Poitions right now in Veloren. When consumed they restore health instantly.

Potions[edit | edit source]

Name Obtained Via Ingredients Effects Duration Quality Color Item Description
Large Potion T6 dungeons Restores 100 Health 1 Common Precious medicine
Medium Potion Crafting 2x Minor Potion, 4x Velorite Fragment Restores 75 Health 1 Common Enchanted healing flask.
Minor Potion Crafting 1x Empty Vial, 4x Apple, 1x Honey Restores 50 Health 1 Common Made of apples with love.
Spore of Corruption Mindflayer Increases attack, attack speed and ignore minor injuries at the cost of health 60 seconds 4 Epic You feel an evil force pulsating within. It may be unwise to hold on to it for too long...