Potion of Agility

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Potion of Agility
"Fly, you fools!"
Type Potions
In fight Yes
Craftable Yes
Unknown edit
Technical Information
.vox File [potion_agility.vox ]
.ron File [potion_agility.ron ]

"Fly, you fools!"

Upon consumption, provides a 25 second Agility buff to the user:

  • Increases movement speed by 55%
  • Decreases damage by 100%
  • Increases damage vulnerability by 100%

The Potion Sickness debuff is also applied, which decreases positive effects of subsequent potions by 50% for 60 seconds


Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Potion of Agility 1x Empty Vial
2x Velorite Fragment
2x Raptor Feather
3x Viscous Ooze




Entity Amount Chance
Not obtainable as loot.
Data exported on 2024-02-24

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  • Two unintentional effects when first released:
    • Lasts for 25 seconds, motivating players to use it for moving around the map (not just escaping a fight)
    • Can be dropped near enemies, which after consuming it are unable to damage players
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