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Commands can be used to modify the world, change configuration, moderate or manage player state. They can be used by players and server owners. In Veloren there are different command scopes which can be used depending on where they are being executed.

In-Game commands[edit | edit source]

Commands that can be used by players in-game.

Command Permission required Description
/adminify <user> Admin Gives or removes admin status from a given user
/alias <new name> Player Changes username alias
/ban <user> Admin Blocks given user from entering the server
/debug_column <x> <z> Player Prints various debug information about location specified by coordinates
/build Admin Toggles build mode which allows for modifying the terrain
/campfire Admin Places a campfire at player's current position
/debug Player Gives the player a set of debug items
/dropall Admin Makes the player drop all of their items
/dummy Admin Spawns a training dummy at player's location
/explosion Admin Spawns an explosion at player's location
/faction (message) Player Switches the chat mode to faction chat
/give_exp <amount> (user) Admin Gives amount of experience points, if no user specified the experience points will be given to player executing the command
/give_item <item id> (amount) Admin Gives amount of an item to current user
/goto <x> <z> <y> Admin Teleports player to given coordinates
/group (message) Player Switches the chat mode to faction chat
/group_invite <user> Group leader Invites a player to the group
/group_kick <user> Group leader Kicks a player from the group
/group_leave Player Leaves the current group
/group_promote <user> Group leader Promotes a player to a group leader
/health <amount> Admin Changes current health
/home Player Teleports the player to their home location
/help Player Prints a list of commands and their descriptions
/jump <x> <z> <y> Admin Teleports the player to relative location
/kick <user> (reason) Admin Kicks player from the server
/kill Player Causes the player to die immediately
/kill_npcs Admin Kills all loaded NPCs
/lantern <strength> (red) (green) (blue) Admin Changes the strength and color of light given by currently held lantern
/light (red) (green) (blue) Admin Spawns a light object at players location
/make_block <block> Admin Places a block at player's location
/make_sprite <sprite> Admin Places a sprite at player's location
/motd Player Prints current Message of the Day
/object <id> Admin Creates an object at player's location
/players Player Lists all players and their levels connected to the server
/region Player Switches the chat mode to everyone in region of the world
/remove_lights (distance) Admin Removes lights from given distance
/say Player Switches the chat mode to everyone in shouting distance
/set_level <level> (player) Admin Changes experience level
/set_motd <message> Admin Changes Message of the Day
/spawn <type> <name> (amount) (ai) Admin Spawns given entity. Ai parameter controls whether the spawned entity will have AI or not
/sudo <user> <command> Admin Execute command as given user
/tell <player> (message) Player Sends a private message to given player
/time (time) Player Prints or changes the in-game time (can be numerical time like 12:03 or alias like midnight)
/tp <player> Admin Teleports to other player
/unban <player> Admin Removes a ban from a given player
/version Player Prints current version
/waypoint Admin Saves current position as a spawn point
/whitelist <add/remove> <player> Admin Adds or removes player from a server whitelist
/world (message) Player Switches the chat mode to everyone in the world

Server console commands[edit | edit source]

Commands that can be only executed inside of server console.

Command Description
quit Closes the server immediately
shutdown <time> Closes the server after amount of seconds
abortshutdown Stops the scheduled shutdown
admin <add/remove> <player> Adds or removes the player from administartor list
help Lists available commands
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