Gnarling Chieftain

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Veloren Gnarling Chieftain.png
Gnarling Chieftain
Type Boss
Location(s) Gnarling fortresses
Hostile Yes
Technical Information

Gnarling Chieftain is the primary boss of the Gnarling Fortresses.


Cheiftain spawns in the Chieftain Hut


Cheiftain Attacks
Fire Barrage Shoots a volley of fireballs when the enemy is out of strike range.
Fire Shockwave Releases a small shockwave of tall fire around itself to push back enemies.
Flame Strike Hits its target with fast and powerful fiery strikes.
Totem Summon Summons 3 supporting totems, Green Totem, White Totem, and Red Totem (in that order) as time goes on. Once all totems are summoned it cycles back in on itself.

Totem summon

Green Totem

White Totem

Red Totem




Item Quantity Rarity
Veloren Scratched Necklace.png Scratched Necklace 1 15.79%
Veloren Wanderer's Hat.png Wanderer's Hat 1 10.52%
Veloren Chieftain Mask.png Chieftain Mask 1 5.26%
Veloren Sticky Thread.png Sticky Thread 2-5 5.26%
Veloren Coal.png Coal 2-5 5.26%
Veloren Leather Strips.png Leather Strips 2-5 5.26%
Veloren Woolen Cloak.png Woolen Cloak 1 1.25%
Veloren Woolen Belt.png Woolen Belt 1 1.25%
Veloren Woolen Parka.png Woolen Parka 1 1.25%
Veloren Woolen Boots.png Woolen Boots 1 1.25%
Veloren Woolen Mittens.png Woolen Mittens 1 1.25%
Veloren Woolen Pants.png Woolen Pants 1 1.25%
Veloren Woolen Shoulders.png Woolen Shoulders 1 1.25%
Veloren Leather Cloak.png Leather Cloak 1 1.25%
Veloren Leather Belt.png Leather Belt 1 1.25%
Veloren Leather Chestpiece.png Leather Chestpiece 1 1.25%
Veloren Leather Boots.png Leather Boots 1 1.25%
Veloren Leather Gloves.png Leather Gloves 1 1.25%
Veloren Leather Pants.png Leather Pants 1 1.25%
Veloren Leather Shoulderpads.png Leather Shoulderpads 1 1.25%
Veloren Iron Cloak.png Iron Cloak 1 1.25%
Veloren Iron Belt.png Iron Belt 1 1.25%
Veloren Iron Chestguard.png Iron Chestguard 1 1.25%
Veloren Iron Footguards.png Iron Footguards 1 1.25%
Veloren Iron Fists.png Iron Fists 1 1.25%
Veloren Iron Pants.png Iron Pants 1 1.25%
Veloren Iron Shoulderpads.png Iron Shoulderpads 1 1.25%


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