Iron Footguards

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Veloren Iron Footguards.png
Iron Footguards
"Sturdy and unyielding, across ages of war."
Type Feet
Quality Common
Craftable Yes
Armor 8.0
Stun Resistance 2.0
Max Energy 0
Energy Reward 0.0
Crit Power 0.0
Stealth 0.0
Technical Information
.vox File foot.vox
.ron File foot.ron
Sprite Manifest

The Iron Footguards are one of the many craftable armor pieces available in Veloren. They are the direct upgrade to the Bronze Shoes, instead of using Copper and Tin as its main ingredients, it uses Iron Ingots and Leather Strips.


Iron, being the direct upgrade to Bronze, uses items available in Caves, deeper than Copper and Tin. Have a Pickaxe in hand when exploring a Cave to collect the Ores scattered along the Cave's surface. For leather strips, you can process simple leather at a Tanning Rack to produce them. Both these materials can also commonly be found being sold at the many merchants in towns.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Veloren Iron Footguards.png Iron Footguards 3x Veloren Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot, 2x Veloren Leather Strips.png Leather Strips

Veloren Anvil.png Anvil


Drop Sources

Source Quantity Rarity
Gnarling Chieftain 1 1.25%


Due to how Iron is generated, it is advisable to have at least Bronze level gear when venturing down a cave. Should you trust your abilities though, the added risk of going into a cave undefended might prove worthwhile, as the Iron Set has double the defence and stun resistance compared to Bronze.

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