Eerie Pumpkin

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Eerie Pumpkin
"Did it just blink?!"
Type Lanterns
Quality High
Craftable No
Technical Information
.vox File pumpkin.vox
.ron File pumpkin.ron

"Did it just blink?!"

Commonly known as the Pumpkin Lantern, this lantern emits a neon green glow. It's dropped by the Harvester and the Witch.

The Eerie Pumpkin has no advantage over any other lantern, including the starting lantern.


Entity Amount Chance
Harvester (Gnarling)
1 12.50%
1 0.11%
Data exported on 2024-02-24


  • For some time after its introduction, the only way to get an Eerie Pumpkin was from a Witch, at a 0.11% drop chance.
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