Black Lantern

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Black Lantern
"Quite common due to popular use of budding adventurers!"
Type Lanterns
Quality Common
Craftable Yes
Technical Information
.vox File black-0.vox black-0.vox black-0.vox
.ron File black_0.ron
Recipe: L1905


"Quite common due to popular use of budding adventurers!"
The Black Lantern is the starting lantern in Veloren. Lanterns can be used by pressing the toggle lantern button to emit a light that surrounds the player.

Lanterns are highly useful at night, as it can be hard to see one's surroundings. This lantern, as well as the other five lanterns, emit the same amount of light, providing no extra utility. The differences between lanterns are purely aesthetically.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Black Lantern 5x Tin Ingot
2x Living Embers


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