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Veloren Mindflayer.png
Type: Boss
Location(s): T5 dungeon
Hostile: Yes
Damage: Nectrotic Sphere 63,5
Nectrotic Vortex 30
Technical Information

Mindflayer live in T5 dungeons with the purple orbs and a Blue Squid Icon on the map while also possessing a red dungeon glow on the mini-map.


Mindflayer Attacks
Cursed Flames Applies the Curse effect which continuously reduces your current hp and maximum hp as long as the status is active.
Dimensional Door Teleports to your last known location.
Nectrotic Sphere Shoots a powerful necrotic ball with high damage and blast radius.
Nectrotic Vortex Absorbs both Summons to restore its health and you if in the vicinity.
Summon Minions Calls upon a small group of powerful husks every time its hp is reduced by another 15% (250hp).


Try to aggro MindFlayer (MF for short) while near to a pillar. Once it teleports to you, start to wrap around the pillar through horizontal movement (side-stepping). While wrapping around the pillar your should hit into it and towards MF to damage it. This will require practice on pacing and positioning. Once MF summons his husks use your melee AoE (spin or leap) to deal with them. It's alright to disengage from MF but try to use your ability into the pillar for future practice.
Aggro MindFlayer (MF for short) from afar. Depending on your distance it'll either shoot 3 Nectrotic Spheres then use Dimensional Door or use Dimensional Door immediately. Once MF starts casting the Dimensional Door animation begin to roll-jump and turn mid-air to shoot at MF who just teleported to your former location. Continue this method even after husks are summoned. Be conscious of the amount of energy you have left as you may need to roll multiple times to escape an encircling crowd of husks. |}


Item Quantity Rarity
Veloren Magic Lantern.png Magic Lantern 1 3.57%
Veloren Skullgrin.png Skullgrin 1 3.57%
Veloren Ankh of Life.png Ankh of Life 1 0.04%
Veloren Glowing Remains.png Glowing Remains 1 3.57%
Veloren Sunsilk.png Sunsilk 1-3 3.57%
Veloren Dragon Scale.png Dragon Scale 3-8 3.57%
Veloren Orichalcum Ingot.png Orichalcum Ingot 1-3 3.57%
Veloren Eldwood Logs.png Eldwood Logs 2-6 3.57%
Veloren Magical Cultist Greatsword.png Magical Cultist Greatsword 1 4.46%
Veloren Magical Cultist Warhammer.png Magical Cultist Warhammer 1 4.46%
Veloren Cultist Staff.png Cultist Staff 1 4.46%
Veloren The Root of Evil.png The Root of Evil 1 4.46%
Veloren Velorite Sceptre.png Velorite Sceptre 1 5.95%
Veloren Velorite Bow.png Velorite Bow 1 5.95%
Veloren Malachite Axe.png Malachite Axe 1 5.95%
Veloren Cultist Belt.png Cultist Belt 1 3.97%
Veloren Cultist Chest.png Cultist Chest 1 3.97%
Veloren Cultist Boots.png Cultist Boots 1 3.97%
Veloren Cultist Gloves.png Cultist Gloves 1 3.97%
Veloren Cultist Skirt.png Cultist Skirt 1 3.97%
Veloren Cultist Mantle.png Cultist Mantle 1 3.97%
Veloren Cultist Bandana.png Cultist Bandana 1 3.97%
Veloren Purple Cultist Cape.png Purple Cultist Cape 1 3.97%
Veloren Cultist Amulet.png Cultist Amulet 1 3.97%
Veloren Sagitta.png Sagitta 1 1.19%
Veloren Laevateinn.png Laevateinn 1 1.19%
Veloren Caduceus.png Caduceus 1 1.19%


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