Purple Geode

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Veloren Purple Geode.png
Purple Geode
"Emits a calming glow, helps to calm your nerves."
Type Lantern
Quality 3 High
Craftable No
Technical Information
.vox File geode_purp.vox
.ron File geode_purp.ron


The Purple Geode emits a purple light similar to that of the Magic Lantern only much brighter, not in radius but color. While many enemies drop it, the droprate is incredibly low.

"Emits a calming glow, helps to calm your nerves."


Source Quantity Rarity
Blue Oni 1 0.86%
Cave Troll 1 0.16%
Cyclops 1 0.86%
Mountain Troll 1 0.16%
Ogre 1 0.86%
Red Oni 1 0.86%
Swamp Troll 1 0.16%
Wendigo 1 0.74%
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