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Veloren Honey.png
"From a beehive"
In-Game Sprite (coming soon, until we solve page with broken link)
Type Miscs
Quality Common
Craftable No
Technical Information
.vox File [[]]
.ron File [[]]
Sprite Manifest
Spawn Rules

"From a beehive"

Honey is a basic crafting ingredient that can be found on most trees. Honey is used to create a Minor Potion


Honey can be commonly found in forest/grassy areas hanging from trees.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Veloren Sunflower Ice Tea.png Sunflower Ice Tea 1x Veloren Empty Vial.png Empty Vial, 1x Veloren Icy Shard.png Icy Shard, 4x Veloren Sunflower.png Sunflower, 1x Veloren Honey.png Honey

Veloren Cauldron.png Cauldron

Veloren Minor Potion.png Minor Potion 1x Veloren Empty Vial.png Empty Vial, 4x Veloren Apple.png Apple, 1x Veloren Honey.png Honey

Veloren Cauldron.png Cauldron

Veloren Honeycomb Pendant.png Honeycomb Pendant 3x Veloren Sticky Thread.png Sticky Thread, 15x Veloren Honey.png Honey

Veloren Crafting Bench.png Crafting Bench


Drop sources

Source Quantity Rarity
Gnarling Logger 1 11.11%
Mandragora 1 5.55%
Gnarling Mugger 1 11.11%
Gnarling Stalker 1 11.11%
Wooden Golem 1 4.04%
Adlet Hunter 1 7.41%
Adlet Icepicker 1 7.41%
Adlet Tracker 1 7.41%
Sahagin Sniper 1 11.11%
Sahagin Sorcerer 1 11.11%
Sahagin Spearman 1 11.11%
Grave Robber 1 1.8%
Grim Salvager 1 1.8%
Pirate 1 4.49%
Saurok Bandit 1 6.73%
Alchemist 1 2.33%
Blacksmith 1 2.33%
Chef 1 2.33%
Guard 1 2.33%
Merchant 1 2.33%
Mountaineer 1 2.33%
Villager 1 2.33%
Maneater 1 10.53%
Mighty Saurok 1 6.73%
Occult Saurok 1 6.73%
Sly Saurok 1 6.73%
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