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Type Boss
Location(s) sea chapel
Hostile Yes
Technical Info
Config common.entity.dungeon.sea_chapel.dagon

A kind of sea dragon that evolved to encase its fiery breath in shells to make explosive projectiles. Has a healthy appetite for bones.


Imprisoned by the Cardinal and their Sea Clerics, Dagon is held somewhere in the underground chambers of their Sea Chapel.


Item Quantity Rarity
3 - 5 30%
3 - 6 30%
1 25%
1 10%
1 5%
Data exported on 2024-02-17



Name Description
Fiery Bomb Lobs a projectile at the target which explodes on impact, causing damage and burning.
Enclosure Summons a ring of spiky urchins to trap its target in close combat. These disintegrate after a few seconds, but touching them has a chance to cause bleeding.
Steam Breath A scalding stream of steam that burns the target.
Steam Wave Sends out an expanding ring of steam along the ground to boil targets at a distance.
Healing Aura Casts Healing Aura to regenerate its health.


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