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Type Boss
Location(s) sea chapel
Hostile Yes
HP 100
Technical Info
Config common.entity.dungeon.sea_chapel.cardinal

The spiritual leader of Sea Clerics, said to have been instrumental in capturing Dagon. Will you test their resolve?

They wield the Caduceus (but cast their own spells), and are clad in deceptively sturdy robes. These are green-blue in color, with gold highlights


Found in the chamber beneath the ground floor of the Sea Chapel. A Glass Key is required to pass through the trapdoor.

A second Glass Key is required to pass through the trapdoor within the Cardinal's chamber.


Item Quantity Rarity
1 74.07%
1 18.52%
1 7.41%
Data exported on 2024-06-10



Name Damage Description
Steam Beam 22.5 (Tick Rate 5.0) Shoots blistering hot steam from its staff.
Summon Dagonites - Summons two Dagonites.


Try to stay out of range/target of the steam beam, as it can deal damage very quickly. Fortunately, the Cardinal moves quite slowly while firing the beam.

Be sure to take out the Dagonites as they are summoned. Even a small handful can start to overwhelm the small space.

With a spare Glass Key, you can skip the fight by going straight through the trapdoor. If the Cardinal is too close, use a Fireball to distract them.

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