Coral Branch

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Coral Branch
"Treasure from the bottom of the Sea."
Type Ingredient
Quality Common
Craftable No
Technical Information
.vox File [[[1]]]
.ron File [[[2]]]
Sprite Manifest

"Treasure from the bottom of the Sea."

Obtainable from the chests in the Sea Chapel, as well as from several entities.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Abyssal Gorget 10x Coral Branch
2x Abyssal Heart
2x Linen

Crafting Bench



Entity Amount Chance
1 80%
1 74.07%
1 50%
1 16.67%
Data exported on 2024-02-24


  • In the first release of Sea Chapel, 10 Coral Branches were needed to craft an Abyssal Gorget, but each chest only had a 10% chance of dropping one branch (the only source).
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