Coral Golem

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Veloren Coral Golem.png
Coral Golem
Type Miniboss
Location(s) Sea chapel dungeon
Hostile Yes
Technical Information
Entity Config Config
Voxel Model Vox Model

The Coral Golem is a miniboss of the Sea Chapel dungeon (T4).


Name Description Damage
Shockwave Slow rotation of the upper body, followed by slamming the fists onto the ground, which creates a radial water shockwave. 60
Spin Spinning upper body punch. 45
Strike Slow lunge, followed by a simple punch. 30


Stay close, block or dodge the slow punches and jump over the shockwave, should you get knocked out of range.


Item Quantity Rarity
Veloren Coral Branch.png Coral Branch 1 50%
Veloren Brinestone.png Brinestone 1-3 50%
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