Sea Bishop

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Sea Bishop
Type Mini-boss
Location(s) sea chapel
Hostile Yes
Technical Info
Config common.entity.dungeon.sea_chapel.sea_bishop
Voxel Model Vox Model

Middle management gets tall hats in the Sea Chapel.


Two of them are found in the Sea Chapel dungeon (T4) as mini-bosses. One Bishop is found on the ground floor alongside Sea Clerics and the other mini-boss, Coral Golem. The other is found in the top chamber with only Sea Clerics.


Item Quantity Rarity
3 - 6 50%
1 - 2 50%
Data exported on 2024-04-12



Name Damage Description
Long Beam 6.5 (Tick Rate: 3.0) Shoots a long range water-like beam with its sceptre.


Either attack from a distance beyond their beam range, or fight up close trying to keep out of its way.

Amongst Sea Clerics, it's often helpful to take out archers and the Bishop first, to prevent getting killed in the middle of a melee fight.

The Sea Bishop on the ground floor is not hard to aggro individually and lure outside for a one-on-one fight.

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