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Example image of the map
The Map (and the minimap) is a feature in Veloren available to the player.

The map can be accessed by pressing M (default key). The mini-map can be found by default in the top-right corner of the game window. You, the player can be found on the minimap by a black arrow icon.

Map Controls[edit | edit source]

The map has a variety of options and controls able to be used/turned on. To move the map around, a combination of the 🖱M1 (left click) and 🖱Scroll wheel to drag the map and zoom in and out respectively. The 🖱M3 key (clicking the scroll wheel) can be used to place a waypoint anywhere on the map. This waypoint can also be placed on any of the icons representing landmarks on the map.

Additional Controls[edit | edit source]

There are some miscellaneous controls at the bottom of the map screen. The Recenter button, as the name suggests, recenters the map to make your arrow at the center of the map. The Toggle Minimap Voxel View button allows you to see a closer look at the local area around you in the minimap, like for example seeing the buildings in a town [image] or the layout of a dungeon [image]. The Change Map Mode button changes the look of the map, from a daytime version [image] to a nighttime version [image] and vice versa.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Veloren Quests.png
The left side panel in the map menu is for any quests you have received. This feature is currently not fully implemented.
Veloren Landmarks.png

Landmarks[edit | edit source]

The right side panel of the map has a couple of toggleable options for which icons are shown on the map. These options consist of:

  • Difficulty, showing the number of dots over Dungeons correlating to their difficulty level.
  • Towns, showing all towns on the map.
  • Castles, showing all castles on the map.
  • Dungeons, showing all dungeons available on the map.
  • Caves, showing all caves available on the map.
  • Giant Trees, showing all giant trees on the map.
  • Biomes, showing the given name for all the different areas of the map.
  • Mountains, showing the given name of the mountains on the map.
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