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In the course of playing the game, you'll be able to craft Collars, which let you tame creatures.

Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Collar 5x Leather Strips
1x Iron Ingot


The current maximum number of creatures you can have tamed at once is three. You can only tame non-hostile creatures. Choose carefully!

Tamed creatures become pets, and will follow you around, attacking anything that attacks you. They can be healed with a healing sceptre, by sitting near a campfire or giving them food (through the trade dialog).

You can also ride most of your pets by mounting them with the F key. How fast they will travel depends of the type of creature, and you can also attack with your weapon & some of its skills while mounted.

Due to pathfinding issues, pets may have difficulty keeping up with you when you go off gliding or delve into dungeons. In the event that they get stuck following you, they will teleport to your side if you move far away from them. Currently only Quadruped animals and medium-sized Birds can be tamed pending further work on the pets feature (allowing larger animals to be tamed will require balance issues to be addressed).


Name Speed [u/s] HP Armor Damage
Alpaca 10.45
Antelope 16.25
Boar 11.65
Camel 7.65
Cattle 8.1
Deer 13.15
Donkey 10.45
Elbst 8.5
Highland 8.05
Holladon 11.5
Horse 16
Kelpie 15.95
Llama 11.2
Moose 12.2
Mouflon 9.65
Pangolin 8.95
Salamander 8.5
Tortoise 6.05
Truffler 7.2
Tusk Ram 14.35
Well-fed Bear 8.9
Yak 8.85
Zebra 13.55


Name HP Armor Damage Shoulder
Arctic Fox no
Arctic Hare no
Axolotl no
Beaver no
Chicken yes
Cockatiel yes
Crow yes
Desert Hare no
Dodo yes
Driggle no
Duck yes
Eagle yes
Frog no
Fungome no
Gecko no
Goat no
Goose yes
Horned Owl yes
Jackalope no
Mossy Snail no
Parakeet yes
Parrot yes
Peacock yes
Penguin yes
Pig no
Porcupine no
Puffin yes
Quokka no
Rabbit no
Raccoon no
Rat no
Red Fox no
Seal no
Sheep no
Skunk no
Snowy Owl yes
Squirrel yes
Toucan yes
Turtle no
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