Myrmidon Marksman

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Myrmidon Marksman
Type Minion
Location(s) minotaur's dungeon | myrmidon temple
Hostile Yes
Technical Info
Config common.entity.dungeon.myrmidon.marksman

A very capable archer, they have dark tanned skin from many hours of target practice. Wears silver spartan armor.


Spawns in rooms throughout Minotaur's dungeon, as well as inside Myrmidon Temples. In both cases, they are alongside other Myrmidon fighters.


Item Quantity Rarity
Prepared Food
1 4.61%
1 3.95%
1 3.62%
1 3.29%
1 3.29%
1 3.29%
1 1.64%
1 1.32%
40 - 100 25%
Data exported on 2024-04-12



Name Description
Arrow A brief drawback to fire an arrow at the target.


Although they have a simple attack pattern, their armor lets them take a lot more damage than minions in lower tier dungeons. Don't expect a short-lived fight.

See also


  • Similar to birds and some dinosaurs, Myrmidons are a bipedal species with digitigrade legs.
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