Myrmidon Hoplite

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Myrmidon Hoplite
Type Minion
Location(s) minotaur's dungeon | myrmidon temple
Hostile Yes
Technical Info
Config common.entity.dungeon.myrmidon.hoplite

A proud warrior with blood-red skin and golden spartan armor. Wields a lengthy spear.


Spawns in rooms throughout Minotaur's dungeon, as well as inside Myrmidon Temples. In both cases, they are alongside other Myrmidon fighters.


Item Quantity Rarity
Prepared Food
1 4.61%
1 3.95%
1 3.62%
1 3.29%
1 3.29%
1 3.29%
1 1.64%
1 1.32%
40 - 100 25%
Data exported on 2024-02-24



Name Description
Jab A two-handed thrust of their spear.


Although they have a simple attack pattern, their armor lets them take a lot more damage than minions in lower tier dungeons. Don't expect a short-lived fight.

See also


  • Similar to birds and some dinosaurs, Myrmidons are a bipedal species with digitigrade legs.
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