Cultist Warlord

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Cultist Warlord
Type Minion
Location(s) Mindflayer's dungeon
Hostile Yes
Technical Info
Config common.entity.dungeon.cultist.warlord

An tall and imposing figure wearing purple armor with gold and black highlights. They wield either the Magical Cultist Greatsword or Magical Cultist Warhammer.


Warlords can spawn in any of the rooms within Mindflayer's dungeon. They are usually found alongside Cultist Warlorcks and Cultists.


Item Quantity Rarity
3 - 5 50%
Prepared Food
1 4.61%
1 3.95%
1 3.62%
1 3.29%
1 3.29%
1 3.29%
1 1.64%
1 1.32%
100 - 200 25%
Data exported on 2024-05-02



Name Description
Swipe A quick wind up followed by a wide swipe of the sword.
Charge A rapid charging strike that closes the gap to a player that has moved away.


Blocking or roll-dodging the swipe attack is advised, as moving too far away will trigger its much stronger charge attack.


Name Description
Swing A moderate wind up followed by a wide swing of the hammer.


Keeping your distance or consistently blocking/dodging will be needed while you bring down its health.

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