Cultist Warlock

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Veloren Cultist Warlock.png
Cultist Warlock
Type Minion
Location(s) T5 Dungeon
Hostile : yes
Technical Information
Voxel Model
Entity Config

Cultist Warlock is a large hooded entity found in T5 Dungeon. It wears purple robes with golden ornaments and can either be armed with a firestaff or a bow.


Warlocks can spawn anywhere within a T5 dungeon. They are usually found alongside a Cultist Warlord or a Cultist.


Item Quantity Rarity
Veloren Coins.png Coins 100-200 25%
Veloren Dwarven Cheese.png Dwarven Cheese 3-5 50%
Veloren Mushroom Curry.png Mushroom Curry 1 1.31%
Veloren Apple Stick.png Apple Stick 1 3.29%
Veloren Dwarven Cheese.png Dwarven Cheese 1 3.29%
Veloren Mushroom Stick.png Mushroom Stick 1 3.62%
Veloren Plain Salad.png Plain Salad 1 3.95%
Veloren Sunflower Ice Tea.png Sunflower Ice Tea 1 1.65%
Veloren Tomato Salad.png Tomato Salad 1 3.29%
Veloren Cactus Colada.png Cactus Colada 1 4.61%
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