Tidal Warrior

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Veloren Tidal Warrior.png
Tidal Warrior
Type: Boss
Location(s): Level 3 dungeon
Hostile: Yes
Technical Information

Tidal Warrior is the boss of Sahagin dungeon (T3)


Tidal Warrior's spawn locations are in Tier 3 dungeons with 3 green orbs and the classic "greek temple" Icon on the map while also possessing a green dungeon glow on the mini-map.


Tidal Warrior Attacks
Bubbles Spews foaming bubbles at the target which makes them slippery and slightly slows them down, making it harder the for the target to control its direction.
Pincer Picks up and throws the target far away.
Scuttle Dashes towards the target, dealing large amounts of damage, poise, and knockback.
Totem Places down a totem that can emit waves of blue particles, which hurt the player. The summons can't move, however their waves reach about 50 blocks in each direction.


Spam range attack staying on stairs corner Tidal Warrior Strategy.png


Item Quantity Rarity
Veloren Gem of Resilience.png Gem of Resilience 1 14.81%
Veloren Heavy Seabag.png Heavy Seabag 1 7.41%
Veloren Aquatic Night.png Aquatic Night 1 3.7%
Veloren Druid Cape.png Druid Cape 1 1.76%
Veloren Druid Sash.png Druid Sash 1 1.76%
Veloren Druid Chestguard.png Druid Chestguard 1 1.76%
Veloren Druid Kickers.png Druid Kickers 1 1.76%
Veloren Druid Handwraps.png Druid Handwraps 1 1.76%
Veloren Druid Leggings.png Druid Leggings 1 1.76%
Veloren Druid Shoulderpads.png Druid Shoulderpads 1 1.76%
Veloren Carapace Cape.png Carapace Cape 1 1.76%
Veloren Carapace Belt.png Carapace Belt 1 1.76%
Veloren Carapace Cuirass.png Carapace Cuirass 1 1.76%
Veloren Carapace Treads.png Carapace Treads 1 1.76%
Veloren Carapace Grips.png Carapace Grips 1 1.76%
Veloren Carapace Leggings.png Carapace Leggings 1 1.76%
Veloren Carapace Shoulderpads.png Carapace Shoulderpads 1 1.76%
Veloren Cobalt Cape.png Cobalt Cape 1 1.76%
Veloren Cobalt Girdle.png Cobalt Girdle 1 1.76%
Veloren Cobalt Chestpiece.png Cobalt Chestpiece 1 1.76%
Veloren Cobalt Footguards.png Cobalt Footguards 1 1.76%
Veloren Cobalt Gauntlets.png Cobalt Gauntlets 1 1.76%
Veloren Cobalt Leggings.png Cobalt Leggings 1 1.76%
Veloren Cobalt Shoulderguards.png Cobalt Shoulderguards 1 1.76%


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