Scale Girdle

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Scale Girdle
"Each embedded scale provides protection."
File:Scale girdle.png
Type Belt
Quality 2 Moderate
Craftable Yes
Armor 4.0
Stun Resistance 0.0
Max Energy 0
Energy Reward 0
Crit Power 0.05
Stealth 0.0
Technical Information
.vox File belt.vox
.ron File belt.ron
Sprite Manifest

The Scale Girdle is one of the many craftable armor pieces available in Veloren. It is a belt which is a direct upgrade to the Leather Belt.

Location[edit | edit source]

The Scale Armor set is a more difficult to obtain than its previous upgrade. The set requires only 2 ingredients, The first and easier ingredient is Leather Strips which was used for the previous sets as well. The second ingredient is the Scale which is more difficult to obtain because the monsters are tougher, and not as common. By combining a total of 37 of Scale and 26 Leather Strips you will be able to craft the whole set.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Result Ingredients Crafting Station
File:Scale girdle.png Scale Girdle 2x Scale.png Scale
2x Leather strips.png Leather Strips
Crafting bench.png
Crafting Bench

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