Raw Bird Meat

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Veloren Raw Bird Meat.png
Raw Bird Meat
"A hefty drumstick."
Type Raw Meats
In fight No
Craftable No
Unknown edit
Technical Information
.vox File [[[]] ]
.ron File [[[]] ]

Raw Bird Meat is a basic consumable food that heals 4.5 health over 10 seconds. It is dropped by common birds around Veloren. This item should be cooked at a Cooking Pot to create Cooked Bird Meat.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Veloren Cooked Bird Meat.png Cooked Bird Meat 1x Veloren Raw Bird Meat.png Raw Bird Meat

Veloren Cooking Pot.png Cooking Pot


Drop Sources

Source Quantity Rarity
Chicken 1 100%
Duck 1 100%
Eagle 1 100%
Goose 1 100%
Owl 1 100%
Parrot 1 100%
Peacock 1 100%


  • UpdateJune 7th 2021:
    • Added to the game.
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