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There are a variety of different foods in Veloren. When consumed they restore health over time.

Food[edit | edit source]

Name Requires Ingredients Crafting Requires Health Restore Seconds
Apple Stick None 2x Twigs, 2x Apple None 25 10
Cooked Bird Meat Cooking Pot 1x Raw Bird Meat None 25 10
Cooked Fish Cooking Pot 1x Raw Fish None 25 10
Cooked Meat Slab Cooking Pot 1x Raw Meat Slab None 25 10
Cooked Meat Sliver Cooking Pot 1x Raw Meat Sliver None 15 10
Cooked Tough Meat Cooking Pot 1x Raw Tough Meat None 20 10
Huge Cooked Drumstick Cooking Pot 1x Huge Raw Drumstick None 80 10
Mushroom Stick None 2x Twigs, 3x Mushroom None 20 10
Plain Salad None 1x Lettuce, 1x Bowl None 10 10
Tomato Salad None 1x Lettuce, 2x Tomato 1x Bowl None 15 10
Cactus Colada Cauldron 1x Empty Vial, 8x Cactus None 37.5 15
Mushroom Curry Cooking Pot 8x Mushroom, 1x Coconut, 4x Apple Mortar and Pestle 120 10
Sunflower Ice Tea Cauldron 1x Empty Vial, 1x Icy Shard, 4x Sunflower, 1x Honey None 50 10
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