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Veloren Phoenix.png
Type Wildlife
Location(s) World
Hostile undefined
Damage Peck 20
Fireball 17−20
Shockwave 40
Technical Information
Entity Config .wild.peaceful.phoenix

The Phoenix is a large flying mob that travels between dungeons (seems to be primarily Tier 5 dungeons). It shares its AI with the Roc and the Cockatrice. Phoenixes glow a bright yellow and can be seen much more easily than their AI counterparts. Phoenixes are notoriously difficult to hit when flying, and players often wait for them to become stuck in trees nearby dungeons before attacking them. They are the only known source of Phoenix Feathers in the game.


Peck - Lifts its head up before bringing it down, striking the player.
Fireball - Lifts its head up before firing a fireball at the player.
Shockwave - Spreads its wings before releasing a circular fiery shockwave that knocks players back.

Flying Phoenix
Phoenix mid-flight


Item Quantity Rarity
Misc always
1 20%
1 20%
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