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Veloren Cockatrice.png
Type Wildlife
Location(s) World
Hostile Yes
Damage Fireball = 18
Peck = 20
Flame Breath = 22−23 per tick
Technical Information

The Cockatrice is an oversized chicken with a lizard tail. It is unknown what abilities this strange creature might possess, but it is recommended to avoid eye contact with it.


Peck - Lifts its head up before bringing it down, striking the player.
Fireball - Lifts its head up before firing a fireball at the player.
Flame Breath - Charges up before releasing a constant stream of flames towards the player, setting them on fire.

File:Cockatrice flying.png
Cockatrice mid-flight


Item Quantity Rarity
Veloren Huge Raw Drumstick.png Huge Raw Drumstick 1-2 20%
Veloren Raw Meat Slab.png Raw Meat Slab 2 20%
Veloren Elegant Crest.png Elegant Crest 1-3 40%
Veloren Scale.png Scale 2-6 20%
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