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Veloren Roc.png
Type: Wildlife
Location(s): World
Hostile: Yes
Damage: Bite 22
Tornado 80
Charge 16−42
Technical Information

Roc is a large, flying bird. It is dark blue in coloration along with blue feathers, large teeth and talons, cyan glowing eyes and a white underbelly.


Bite - Lifts its head while opening its mouth, before qucikly bringing it down.
Tornadoes - Stands tall and spreads its wings before bringing them back together and spawning multiple tornadoes that knock players up.
Charge - Spreads its wings while looking forward before charging at the player. Damage scales with distance.


Flying Roc
Roc flying

Roc can sometimes be seen flying around.


Item Quantity Rarity
Veloren Huge Raw Drumstick.png Huge Raw Drumstick 1-2 25%
Veloren Raw Meat Slab.png Raw Meat Slab 2 25%
Veloren Elegant Crest.png Elegant Crest 1-3 50%
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