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Gem of Resilience

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Gem of Resilience
"Surrounded by a discrete magical glow."
Type Neck
Quality Moderate
Craftable No
Armor 2.0
Stun Resistance 1.0
Max Energy 0.0
Energy Reward 0.0
Critical Power 0.0
Stealth 0.0
Technical Information
.vox File resilience_gem.vox
.ron File gem_of_resilience.ron
Sprite Manifest [ ]

The Gem of Resilience is a necklace item, commonly found in caves and the tier 3 dungeon bossfight.

"Surrounded by a discrete magical glow."


Source Quantity Rarity
Tidal Warrior 1 10%
Blue Oni 1 2.15%
Cave Troll 1 0.4%
Dullahan 1 0.67%
Mountain Troll 1 0.4%
Ogre 1 2.15%
Red Oni 1 2.15%
Swamp Troll 1 0.4%
Wendigo 1 1.85%
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