Clay Golem

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Veloren Clay Golem.png
Clay Golem
Type: Boss
Location(s): Level 4 dungeon
Hostile: Yes
Technical Information

Clay golem is the boss of Haniwa dungeon.


The Clay Golems' spawn locations are in Tier 4 dungeons with the 4 blue orbs and the classic "greek temple" Icon on the map while also possessing a blue dungeon glow on the mini-map.


Clay Golem Attacks
Laser Shoots lasers out of its eyes which track the target, dealing large amounts of damage and applies burn.
Shockwave Strikes the ground which sends a large, slow ripple across the floor which can send the target flying when touched.
Strike Strikes the enemy with its fist, dealing large amounts of damage and poise.
Rocket Shoots a rocket out of its hands which explodes on impact, dealing a large amount of damage with a massive AoE.


Try to lure one at a time by staying out of aggro range of the other clay golem. Don't stay too close to the Golems otherwise they will shoot their giant rocket AOE. The further away you are from them, the easier to dodge their rocket attack.


Item Quantity Rarity
Veloren Haniwa Talisman.png Haniwa Talisman 1 25%
Veloren Moonweave Cape.png Moonweave Cape 1 1.78%
Veloren Moonweave Belt.png Moonweave Belt 1 1.78%
Veloren Moonweave Vest.png Moonweave Vest 1 1.78%
Veloren Moonweave Boots.png Moonweave Boots 1 1.78%
Veloren Moonweave Gloves.png Moonweave Gloves 1 1.78%
Veloren Moonweave Legs.png Moonweave Legs 1 1.78%
Veloren Moonweave Shoulders.png Moonweave Shoulders 1 1.78%
Veloren Primal Cape.png Primal Cape 1 1.78%
Veloren Primal Sash.png Primal Sash 1 1.78%
Veloren Primal Cuirass.png Primal Cuirass 1 1.78%
Veloren Primal Boots.png Primal Boots 1 1.78%
Veloren Primal Gauntlets.png Primal Gauntlets 1 1.78%
Veloren Primal Legs.png Primal Legs 1 1.78%
Veloren Primal Shoulders.png Primal Shoulders 1 1.78%
Veloren Bloodsteel Cape.png Bloodsteel Cape 1 1.78%
Veloren Bloodsteel Girdle.png Bloodsteel Girdle 1 1.78%
Veloren Bloodsteel Chest.png Bloodsteel Chest 1 1.78%
Veloren Bloodsteel Sabatons.png Bloodsteel Sabatons 1 1.78%
Veloren Bloodsteel Gauntlets.png Bloodsteel Gauntlets 1 1.78%
Veloren Bloodsteel Legs.png Bloodsteel Legs 1 1.78%
Veloren Bloodsteel Pauldrons.png Bloodsteel Pauldrons 1 1.78%


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